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  • Origin of Kheng Ly

    Born in 1971 after the coup of General Lon Nol who overturned the monarchy of Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Kheng Ly lived a fairly normal life in Cambodia. Kheng Ly was second generation of Chinese parents who immigrated empty-hands from China. The Cambodian coup of 1970 was a turning point in the Cambodian civil war. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge of Communist Party of Kampuchea, formed in 1968 as an offshoot of the Vietnam People's Army from North Vietnam, took over the power. The Khmer Rouge leaders, Pol Pot and a few others, orchestrated the genocide. Almost 25% of Cambodian population was executed, killed or died of famine and treatable disease during the "killing field" era between 1975-1979. Fortunately, Kheng Ly survived the four-years-genocide of the Khmer Rouge. 

  • Kheng Ly speech YUL condos ceremonyYUL condominiums LP, created by partners Brivia Group of Kheng Ly and Tianco Group, announces today the official groundbreaking of YUL project, the largest residential project to emerge in downtown Montreal. This starts an investment of $ 300 million in the construction of two 38-story condo towers and 18 townhouses at 1400 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, at the intersection of Mackay Street. "We have a vision for the city downtown. YUL represents our desire to stand out from other real estate projects and position YUL as prestigious address in Montreal. We believe that the YUL is a great architectural deployment project that will radiate Montreal on the international stage", said Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group.

  • Who would have thought that the historic house of Louis Hippolyte La Fontaine will be saved by a young immigrant entrepreneur Kheng Ly?

    Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine house, built around 1845, is a building protected under the Law on Cultural Heritage in effect since October 19, 2012. The house has been abandoned for years and threatened to demolition. This house has a great historical value: it housed the Prime Minister of United Canada, Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine, after the union of Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1841. Lafontaine lived in this house until his death.

  • On February 21st, 2019, Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group, and the QUINZECENT team, the latest residential development project of Brivia Group, celebrated the Year of the Pig at the HongKong Canada Business Association (HKCBA)'s 35th Chinese New Year Celebration. This year, with an focus on innovation and technology, HKCBA teamed up with the Montreal based Cirque Éloize, presented a spectacular night filled with entertainment to more than 200 guests.

  • Kheng Ly and Brivia Group’s project QUINZECENT are pleased to contribute and support the Santa Cabrini Foundation. The annual fundraising gala took place on Saturday, April 6th at Château Vaudreuil’s Pavilion-sur-le-Lac, and had successfully raised over $315,279 for the financing of the hospital’s improvement.

  • kheng ly le montreal du futurLe Montréal du futur est une exposition incontournable de maquettes et plans des projets immobiliers majeurs (résidentiels, commerciaux, institutionnels, d'infrastructures et de transports) qui moduleront le profil de Montréal d'ici 20 ans !

  • kheng ly MCHF2014 big Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group, is pleased to support again the 2014 Fundraising Gala of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation, along with the presence of Quebec's Minister of Health Dr Gaétan Barrette.

    Montreal Chinese Hospital provides medical care, services and accommodation especially adapted to adults and seniors with Chinese or Southeast Asian backgrounds, who suffer from a permanent disability or have lost, totally or partially, their functional independence, in a friendly environment that respects the values, customs and socio-cultural traditions of its patients and residents.

  • Mr. Kheng Ly, a visionary business leader, serves as President and CEO of the Brivia Group. Kheng Ly is a rising star and prominent private real estate investor and developer with a growing pipeline of successful projects. While always keeping himself honest and transparent, he has gained the reputation of very accountable and credible businessman among Chinese, Asian and White communities. Yet, he has never hesitated to "give back" to the society and communities. His core values are to develop, invest and participate in projects that respect and value the communities and society.

  • On January 26th, 2019, over 40,000 people joined the Mayor Valerie Plante, Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in Montreal Mr. CHEN Xueming, government officials and community leaders at Complexe Desjardins, for the Lunar New Year festival celebration. Mr. Kheng Ly and NEST Condo, a Brivia Group’s project, were proud to sponsor the event as part of our engagement to support and enrich the community’s cultural life.

  • Congratulations to CIBC team for its successful annual Chinese New Year Gala held on Friday, March 8th, 2019.  Brivia Group and Mr. Kheng Ly, President & CEO, were honoured and delighted to attend the event as VIP guest along with CIBC executives. 

  • kheng Ly Philippe Couillard Han Qing Jacques Daoust Brivia Group of Kheng Ly has signed an agreement with Tianco Group for the YUL project, located at the corner of René-Lévesque and Mackay. This new partnership will enable the Brivia Group to start work as early as this week.

    YUL, the biggest luxurious residential project in downtown Montreal goes ahead as planned with Chinese capital and Kheng Ly. This property includes two mega towers of 38 floors luxurious condos and 17 townhouses, for a total of more than 800 new units. The first toweer will be completed in spring 2017. The third phase of the project was sold to Canvar group, which is building a tower of 40 floors. The agreement between Kheng Ly of Brivia Group and Mr. Han of Tianqing Group was signed in Beijing late October, as part of the trade mission of the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard. All sales efforts were redirected to the Montreal buyers but YUL also adopted unprecedented sales tactics to Montreal with a sales team in China and an international marketing plan. Kheng Ly claims to have a "good mix" of Chinese buyers, Quebec, Dubai and other Asian countries. In no time, 40% of the first tower of YUL condos were sold.

  • Brivia Group of Kheng Ly and partners again shows its principle of "giving back" to the society and communities and its vision of "giving help" to those in need.

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