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  • Kheng Ly's YUL night view

    YUL Condos - a luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal

  • Kheng Ly gives speech

    Kheng Ly giving speech at YUL condos launching date.

  • Kheng Ly with Denis Coderre

    Kheng Ly shakes hand with mayor Denis Coderre

  • Kheng Ly with Chinese businessmen

    Kheng Ly meets with businessmen and heads of Bank of China in Canada

  • Kheng Ly visits China

    Kheng Ly participates in a launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing in China

  • Kheng Ly with his partner Han Qing

    Kheng Ly receives his Chinese partner Han Qing of Tianqing Group

  • Kheng Ly visits China projects

    Kheng Ly visits projects of his partner Tianqing Group in China

YUL - the code name of the Montreal airport - includes the construction of two towers of 38 floors and 18 townhouses totaling 873 units of luxury housing in downtown Montreal, rue René Lévesque near the Bell Centre, known as the Overdale islet. 

This investment is a clear vote of confidence and interests of Chinese investors in Montreal luxury real estate's potential. Like us, our partners are convinced that the city of Montreal is ready for greater densification and high-end residences, and that the city offers the best return on investment.

A "turtle" but "safe" market

Tianqing Group had reviewed projects in Calgary and Toronto (Canada), Seattle and Los Angeles (United States). But YUL is the most attractive because of its location. Besides, Montreal estate market would offer more value for money.

Kheng ly Premier Couillard Han Qing BeijingMontreal is a turtle market but presents no bubble and provides a good upside potential: the real estate prices have risen less quickly and less high than elsewhere. But if there is a bubble crash, it would drop slightly only. And Chinese buyers are increasingly attracted to Montreal, especially with the coming direct flight Beijing-Montreal. We believe in long-term growth. This investment in valuable YUL project is part of a diversification strategy of the Chinese group. The housing bubble in China encourages Chinese estate developer to place balls in other safe markets like Montreal.

Housing prices in YUL varies between 421 and $ 650 per square feet. A studio sells at $ 200,000 and a town house, over $ 1 million. The project is featured by its architecture, signed Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architects, in association with Architect Stefano Domenici, offering an eight-storey blocks offset from each other. It is also distinguished by the creation of a large green area of 23,000 square feet - the size of Philips Square, the only private green space of this size in Montreal downtown, claim the developers. The development of other common areas of the complex will be signed Armani Casa.

The project also includes the restoration of the historic home of Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, a former leader of the Lower Canada. 

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