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Real Estate is perhaps one of the most successful industries in these past few years, in spite of the huge possibilities of higher interests combined with decreasing prices. This industry managed to stay and even excel at some points. The man who greatly contributes to real estate success of Brivia Group is its President and CEO, Kheng Ly. Brivia Group is definitely one of the most victorious companies in the real estate business. Aside from Mr. Ly’s expertise with regard to this field, he also ensures that he has a solid, competent, and hard working team to help him transform all their ideas into an exceptional reality. This professional trait without a doubt lures more investors, which is highly necessary in this business. The Brivia group’s main objective is to develop and invest. They also make sure to partake in various projects, especially if it is for the good of a certain community.

kheng ly portrait 580x360Some of Mr. Kheng Ly’s recent achievements are:

  • YUL condominiums – This is a joint project of Tianco and Brivia group, where in Mr. Ly’s company invested $300 million to build this thirty eight floor condo together with eighteen classy townhouses in Montreal. Leaders of both successful companies believe that this condominium would greatly contribute to the city’s economy and tourism. This is definitely an addition to the Montreal’s international appeal. This impressive condo tower also offers 23,000 square feet garden, gym, indoor, and outdoor pool, which can be transformed into a huge skating area during winter. All of these and the numerous splendid views around the condo can definitely enjoy by the residents and guests.
  • Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine’s historic house – Mr. Ly absolutely stands with his philosophy in preserving historical establishments by saving this historic house from demolition. Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine was a prime minister of United Canada in 1841. Mr. Ly promised to conserve the houses’ history and character even after transforming it to at least two units. This project is certainly approved both by the nearby residents and the city.
  • Montreal Chinese Hospital foundation – This may not be considered as an achievement but this is a great example of Mr. Kheng Ly’s partaking in different projects that are good for the community. Brivia group gives senior members accommodation and necessary medical treatments. Mr. Ly ensures to participate in this kind of events not to create a positive image but because he believes that contributing into a certain community’s growth is one of the responsibilities of a successful and responsible leader.

Those are just some of Mr. Kheng Ly’s achievements that greatly impacted both the community and real estate business. Surely there are lots of great leaders in different kinds of industries. However, not all of them truly care to a particular community’s over all development and well-being and that is what made Mr. Ly standout. Despite of his finest achievements and success in business, he does not forget to share his blessings, especially to those who are truly in need. This trait absolutely makes him an exceptional leader.

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