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Mr. Kheng Ly, a visionary business leader, serves as President and CEO of the Brivia Group. Kheng Ly is a rising star and prominent private real estate investor and developer with a growing pipeline of successful projects. While always keeping himself honest and transparent, he has gained the reputation of very accountable and credible businessman among Chinese, Asian and White communities. Yet, he has never hesitated to "give back" to the society and communities. His core values are to develop, invest and participate in projects that respect and value the communities and society.

kheng ly vision 250x300Kheng Ly sensed the wind of change in textile and garment business back in 2000, and took no time to transform himself into real estate developer and investor, starting from 2002. Loyal to his principle of honesty and transparency, Mr. Ly is convinced that through his hard work, tenacity, perseverance and resilience, he will be able to make thing happen and bring his company to a next level: a major playor, a global player.

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