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  • Kheng Ly's YUL night view

    YUL Condos - a luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal

  • Kheng Ly gives speech

    Kheng Ly giving speech at YUL condos launching date.

  • Kheng Ly with Denis Coderre

    Kheng Ly shakes hand with mayor Denis Coderre

  • Kheng Ly with Chinese businessmen

    Kheng Ly meets with businessmen and heads of Bank of China in Canada

  • Kheng Ly visits China

    Kheng Ly participates in a launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing in China

  • Kheng Ly with his partner Han Qing

    Kheng Ly receives his Chinese partner Han Qing of Tianqing Group

  • Kheng Ly visits China projects

    Kheng Ly visits projects of his partner Tianqing Group in China

Kheng Ly in office

Mr. Kheng Ly and Brivia Group are pleased to support Jewish General Hospital Doctors' Gala honouring the Department of surgical services. Mr. Ly is proud to support Jewish General Hospital as a significant sponsor of the 2012 Doctors' Gala.

The JGH stands as a model of the power of passion and inspired partnerships to overcome any challenge, even a slumping economy. The JGH strikes to remain at the forefront of scientific discovery, innovation and clinical excellence. The passion for excellence and the dedication to health and well-being are the core of their continued success in meeting the growing and ever-changing healthcare needs of Quebecers. That also makes the JGH one of the renowned medical facility locally and nationally.

JGHMr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group, feels privileged for having the opportunity to contribute and support important causes in the health sector such as those of the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal.  Mr. Ly is very pleased to join the many prominent local businesses and individuals who care and support the causes that aim to continuously improve the quality of healthcare and the well-being of our community. 

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