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kheng ly MCHF2014 big Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group, is pleased to support again the 2014 Fundraising Gala of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation, along with the presence of Quebec's Minister of Health Dr Gaétan Barrette.

Montreal Chinese Hospital provides medical care, services and accommodation especially adapted to adults and seniors with Chinese or Southeast Asian backgrounds, who suffer from a permanent disability or have lost, totally or partially, their functional independence, in a friendly environment that respects the values, customs and socio-cultural traditions of its patients and residents.

Mr. Kheng Ly is especially proud to be a long time supporter of Montreal Chinese and Asian communities. For Kheng Ly, it is essential for business leaders to always contribute to the development, well-being and growth of communities and society of Quebec. kheng ly MCHF2014 300x168 

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