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Kheng Ly with Zhao Jiangping, Gaetan Barrette and Denis Coderre

Kheng Ly has been supporting Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation for years. But for the 25th Edition of Annual Fundraising Ball, Kheng Ly decided to rasise his support to higher level. He accepted to be Honorary President of the ball, promising to bring the quality of the ball to a next level and break previous records of the event.

Kheng Ly, along with Me. Ponora Ang (President of the Foundation) and Dr. Kenneth Tran (last-minute recruited President of the Organizing Committee), led a dynamic and committed team to deliver a 1000 guests inexpensive high end fundraising event, with VIP and distinguished guests. Hundred volunteers joined the cause. A well designed souvenir magazine was also produced. With Mr. Ly's contacts and networks, for a small (as small as 200$) attendance financial contribution, each guest enjoyed a royal cocktail (featuring unlimited oysters, assorted cheeses, fruits, pizza, risotto, BBQ duck, beef, sushi, etc) and open bar, cheered by Four Beauties invited from ancient China. And the main course was served with filet of veal and vegetables and salad, accompanied by breathtaking shows and live band. Silent and live auctions presented many precious and invaluable items. Later, guests were also served with lavish sweet table. And wine and open bar were more than generously free during the whole event.

The 25th Fundraising Ball made history. It is possible to make it memorable for generous donating guests! The Ball was the biggest high end inexpensive charitable event in Chinese community of Montreal. It also break all previous records of the Foundation in term of funds raised, gross and net.  

kheng ly honorary president ponora ang kenneth tran
Kheng Ly with the Four Beauties invited from ancient China and Dr. Kenneth Tran (President of the Organizing Committee) and Me. Ponora Ang (President of the Foundation)

kheng ly organizing commitee

Front line from left to right: Chen Si (MC), Me. Ponora Ang (President of the Foundation), Kheng Ly (Honorary President), Dr. Kenneth Tran (President of the Organizing Committee), Raymond Tsim (VP of the Foundation), Warren Lee (MC) and the whole Organizing Committee members. 

kheng ly with denis coderre and gaetan barrette

From left to right: Dr. Kenneth Tran and his wife Hairan He, Mayor Denis Coderre, wife of Kheng Ly and Kheng Ly, Me. Ponora Ang and his wife Leakhena, Minister Dr. Gaetan Barrette, Raymond Tsim

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