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Kheng Ly support YCPA Orchid Ball 2016

Kheng Ly is proud to support again YCPA's trademark annual networking event: the Orchid Ball 2016. This year, the Orchid Ball took place in École Nationale d'Aérotechnique and gathered a few hundred participants, most are professionals, heads of corporate, entrepreneurs and some dignitaries.

In 2008, veteran President of the time Martin Liu and his team started a shy standing only-cocktail-style Orchid Ball for YCPA. During the peak of the international financial turmoil, his successor Dr. Kenneth Tran took the risk against the trend and fear and started the first full service sitting Orchid Ball in 2009 and carried on in 2010 with Asian fashion show. Those two Balls was so successfull that people only knew Orchid Ball but didn't even know what was YCPA. That quickly set a standard for YCPA and made YCPA famous and renowned as a fertile networking platform in the communities and other young chambers of commerce of Quebec. The young and charismatic lawyer Me Ponora Ang took over the presidency and continued to shine YCPA's orchid ball on Royal Mount and on boat. Then the 6th President Virgina Tan (Gare Windsor, 2013 and Marché Bonsecours, 2014) and the 7th President Me Selena Lu (Le Parquet, 2015 and ENA, 2016) continued to surf on the success of YCPA but strived to uphold the YCPA standard by bringing innovation to YCPA's Orchid Ball, making the Orchid Ball one of the very sought high profile networking event among young professionals and entrepreneurs. 

kheng ly supports ycpa OB2016

Kheng Ly with Dr. Kenneth Tran and their respective wifes.

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