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Kheng Ly visited Yanjiao Logistics City

During his business trip with the commercial delegation to Lanzhou, Gansu province in Northeastern China, Kheng Ly also paid a visit to his friend Mr. Guo Taicheng, Chairman of the Shing Kee Godown Group and project developer of Yanjiao Logistics City, called the World Commerce Valley located in Hebei province at the crossing point of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, 20 min from Beijing International Airport.

This 10x10 kilometers mega project in Sanhe city will focus on the industry of trade and logistics to develop an industrial development zone and to promote the economic development of capital region and Bohai Economic Rim. This will be a modern and new commercial city where world goods, high-end industries, science and culture, and green ecology will be setting sail from. Experts have estimated that the local economy will be driven to reach more than RMB200bn when the projects of "China Business Valley" are finalised.

Kheng Ly meets with Mr Guo Tai Chen

kheng ly with chairman of yanjiao commerce valley guo taicheng

kheng ly at world commerce valley

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