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  • Kheng Ly's YUL night view

    YUL Condos - a luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal

  • Kheng Ly gives speech

    Kheng Ly giving speech at YUL condos launching date.

  • Kheng Ly with Denis Coderre

    Kheng Ly shakes hand with mayor Denis Coderre

  • Kheng Ly with Chinese businessmen

    Kheng Ly meets with businessmen and heads of Bank of China in Canada

  • Kheng Ly visits China

    Kheng Ly participates in a launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing in China

  • Kheng Ly with his partner Han Qing

    Kheng Ly receives his Chinese partner Han Qing of Tianqing Group

  • Kheng Ly visits China projects

    Kheng Ly visits projects of his partner Tianqing Group in China

Kheng Ly supports Montreal Chinese Hospital

Without hesitation, Kheng Ly and Brivia Goup once again generously support the 2016 annual fundraising of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation.

Kheng Ly and Brivia Group are proud to suppport again Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation's annual fundraising to help improve Chinese Hospital's residents quality of care and services.

Montreal Chinese Hospital provides medical care, services and accommodation especially adapted to adults and seniors with Chinese or Southeast Asian backgrounds, who suffer from a permanent disability or have lost, totally or partially, their functional independence, in a friendly environment that respects the values, customs and socio-cultural traditions of its patients and residents.

khengly brivia MCHF Ball2016

khengly mchf ball2016 gaetan barrette denis coderre peng jingtao

khengly MCHF Ball2016

khengly MCHF ball2016 with Peng Jingtao

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