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Kheng Ly receives CCBC awards

Kheng Ly and his company, Brivia Management, the development and construction manager of the YUL Condominiums project in downtown Montreal, are proud to be Outstanding member of CCBC 2016 awards.

Kheng Ly and Brivia Management have been recognized with a Business Excellence Award from the Canada China Business Council (CCBC) for their innovative role in expanding and nurturing bilateral business relationships between the two countries. Brivia won the bronze award in the "Outstanding Member" category during the CCBC's 5th Business Excellence Awards ceremony held in Toronto.

"We are so honoured and proud to receive this prestigious award," said Mr. Ly, President, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Brivia Group Inc., the parent company of Brivia Management. "The YUL project, being built in collaboration with Chinese real estate developer Gansu Tianqing Real Estate Group, represents the largest investment from the People's Republic of China in Quebec's real estate development. It is one of the biggest residential projects currently under construction in Montreal and a unique testimony to the potential for increased Canada-China business development and investment." The YUL project consists of two 38-storey towers with more than 800 condos on René-Lévesque Boulevard West, and 17 high-end townhouses. Phase 1 of the project is already almost sold out and Phase 2 will launch its presale to the public shortly. "With its avant-garde architecture, YUL truly embraces the city's vibrant design culture and is a landmark project that will change the landscape of downtown Montreal once completed," said Mr. Ly.

Brivia Group has an expanding portfolio of real estate projects developed over the past decade and has been actively promoting and attracting Chinese investment to Canada. In 2014, it partnered with Tianco, a subsidiary of Gansu Tianqing Real Estate Group of China, to carry out the YUL project. Phase I of the project is financed by a syndication between the Bank of Montreal and Bank of China (Canada). "Brivia has a diversified management team that is familiar with the Chinese culture and language," noted Mr. Ly, who is Chinese Canadian. "We are also an active contributor to local Chinese and other communities by supporting and sponsoring select social causes in healthcare, education and cultural awareness. Coupled with our local know-how, network and experience, these factors make us a preferred partner for Chinese investors in Quebec real estate development. Our hope is that the YUL project will be only the first of many such mutually beneficial ventures."

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Founded in Montreal in 2002, Brivia Group is a real estate development and investment group with a fast-growing portfolio of real estate projects in the region. Brivia Group's subsidiary Brivia Management is an integrated, professional service firm specialized in development management 

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