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Kheng Ly with Diving Plongeon Canada

YUL Condos of Kheng Ly and partners is proud to support Diving Plongeon Canada. YUL Condos team is confident that Canadian diving team will well succeed at 2018 Commonweath Games. 

Kheng Ly is pleased to support Diving Plongeon Canada, as YUL Condominiums thrives to the same commitment as Diving Canada Team: excellence, beauty, strength and innovation.

“The sport of diving reflects the same values that inspired our team when taking on projects like YUL,” said M. Kheng Ly, Founder, President and CEO of Groupe Brivia. “We would like to express our passionate support to the team as they compete on a global stage proudly representing our beloved city.” 

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About YUL Condominiums

A large-scale architectural project developed jointly by the Brivia Group and Tianco Group, YUL Condominiums Inc. consists of condominiums and townhouses. Located in downtown Montreal, it includes two shifted-block 38-storey towers with more than 800 units and 17 townhouses. For more information on the YUL Condominiums project, consult

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About Diving Plongeon Canada

Diving Plongeon Canada (DPC) was established in 1967 as a not-for-profit organization to promote the growth and awareness of the sport in this country. As a member of FINA, the world’s governing body of aquatic sports, DPC contributes to the development of globally accepted standards of excellence in diving and supports the rules and regulations of international competition. Representing nine provincial diving associations, 67 local diving clubs and close to 4,000 high performance athletes, we share a national commitment to advance the art and sport of diving and to position Canada as the number one diving nation of the world.

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