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Kheng Ly supports YCPA

Brivia Group of Kheng Ly and partners are again pleased to support the iconic annual event of YCPA: Orchid Ball 2018. Since its first sold-out-in-a-week in 2009, the Orchid Ball becames a very sought-after event that has propelled YCPA into a recognized young Chinese chamber of commerce by the business and professional community. Highlighted at the end by beautiful fireworks, Orchid Ball 2018 this year gathered hundreds of young Chinese and Asian professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as many public figures in a festive atmosphere to celebrate Asian Heritage Month in Canada.

ycpa presidents orchid ball kheng lyOrchid Ball was initally thought to raise Montreal Chinese events' standards in creating a glamourous and fertile networkings platform for young Chinese and Asian professionnals and entrepreneurs to build and strengthen their networks ties. It is also an annual gala intentionally held during the Asian Heritage Month of May to highlight the Asian heritage in Canada. 

About YCPA

YCPA is a fertile network of young Chinese and Asian professionals and entrepreneurs that mobilizes them to break new grounds and dynamically contribute to Canada and Quebec's economic and social growth. YPCA's annual Orchid Ball is an event that fosters networks and creates opportunities for its members to connect and exchange with other professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and politicians, aiming to capitalize on their potential and become tomorrow's leaders. 

YPCA Orchid Ball 2018 team

About Brivia Group

Founded in Montreal in 2002, Brivia Group is a real estate development and investment group with a remarkable fast-growing portfolio of real estate projects in the region. Brivia Group’s subsidiary Brivia Management is an integrated, professional service firm specialized in development management. Led by a visionary President and CEO Mr. Kheng Ly and a professional team, Brivia Group has built successful and innovative projects with his professional and business networks. Brivia Group strives to exceed the expectations of investors, partners, and communities. 

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