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YUL of Kheng Ly is proud to support Jiu Ding Club

YUL Condominiums of Kheng Ly and partners is again very pleased to support Jiu Ding Club's 2018 Scholarship Awards. Seven oustanding young Chinese students have been awarded for their excellence, their hardworking, their resilience and their contribution to the community in front of 400 witness guests. 

kheng ly gives prize jiu ding club scholarship 2018 (2)

Jiu Ding Club has been awarded scholarship since 2011 to encourage and promote the excellence of Chinese mainland descendants in Montreal. This year, Jiu Ding has also included a category award to highlight the excellence and contribution of Chinese adopted children by Quebecers.kheng ly sponsors jiu ding club scholarship 2018

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Interim general consul bian jiudingclub 2018 kheng lyA large-scale architectural project developed jointly by the Brivia Group and Tianco Group of Tianqing Group, YUL Condominiums Inc. consists of condominiums and townhouses. Located in downtown Montreal, it includes two shifted-block 38-storey towers with more than 800 units and 17 townhouses neatly decorated by Armani/Casa and a big green private garden in the center of the project. 

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