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  • Kheng Ly's YUL night view

    YUL Condos - a luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal

  • Kheng Ly gives speech

    Kheng Ly giving speech at YUL condos launching date.

  • Kheng Ly with Denis Coderre

    Kheng Ly shakes hand with mayor Denis Coderre

  • Kheng Ly with Chinese businessmen

    Kheng Ly meets with businessmen and heads of Bank of China in Canada

  • Kheng Ly visits China

    Kheng Ly participates in a launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing in China

  • Kheng Ly with his partner Han Qing

    Kheng Ly receives his Chinese partner Han Qing of Tianqing Group

  • Kheng Ly visits China projects

    Kheng Ly visits projects of his partner Tianqing Group in China

Kheng Ly visits China

During his business trip to South East Asia and central China, Kheng Ly also stopped by to visit projects and to attend the launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing Group in Southern China.

Kheng Ly with Gaetan Barrette and Paul Leduc

Annual celebration of Christmas and New Year arrives, everyone is busy preparing and organizing their holidays. But Kheng Ly takes his time to go support Raymond Tsim's event raising $12,000 for Women Shelter Foundation in South Shore.

Kheng Ly thanks all volunteers

Kheng Ly is a long time consistent supporter of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation. But for the 25th Edition of Fundraising Ball in 2015, he decided to raise his support to a next level: becoming the Honorary President of the event. With the collaboration of the President of the Foundation Me Ponora Ang and the last-minute recruited Organizing Committee President Dr. Kenneth Tran, they decided to raise the standard of the 25th Edition Ball. With their team, they delivered one of the biggest high-end charitable event in Montreal and the most sought-after ball in the communities: almost a thousand guests including many distinguished high profiles guests attended this inexpensive ball where a royal cocktail with unlimited fine foods and open bar were served, along with breathtaking shows, under an amazing decorative and muscial ambience.

Kheng Ly with Zhao Jiangping, Gaetan Barrette and Denis Coderre

Kheng Ly has been supporting Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation for years. But for the 25th Edition of Annual Fundraising Ball, Kheng Ly decided to rasise his support to higher level. He accepted to be Honorary President of the ball, promising to bring the quality of the ball to a next level and break previous records of the event.

Kheng Ly with Ambassador of PRC in Canada Luo Zhaohui

Kheng Ly is pleased to be among guests invited by Senator Oh to celebrate 40 years of relationship between Canada and China. During the festive evening, Kheng Ly had the chance to mingle with many Chinese origin businessmen and professionals, as well as many politicians. 

Kheng Ly with Consul General Zhao Jiangping and Xie Na, Head of Bank of China in Montreal

Kheng Ly is invited by Consul General Zhao Jiangping to attend the 66th Anniversary of People's Republic of China. Held by the Consulate General of China in Montreal, many key figures and leaders of the Chinese comminuty in Montreal are invited to this celebration where General Consul Zhao Jiangping outlines the vision, the milestones and the economic perspectives of China.

Kheng Ly with Henry Liu of Power Corporation and Tan Ong of Deloitte at Jiu Ding

Kheng Ly is proud to generously support Jiu Ding Club in their 2015 Scholarship Presentation Gala. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals of Chinese origin in Montreal, the Jiu Ding Club is non-profit charity organization in Canada. Its sole objective is to manage the Jiu Ding Scholarship, which aims to encourage students from Quebec Chinese community, as well as international students from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong studying in the Province of Quebec, to participate in and to contribute to the Canadian society through excellent academic and social achievements.

Kheng Ly with Xie Na of BOC (Quebec)

Like every year, Kheng Ly again hasn't hesitated to support Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation's annual fundraising 2015 golf tournament. Kheng is proud and pleased to support this annual friendly event where many businessmen and professionals gather to help raise some funds for the elders of Chinese and Asian community of Montreal.

Kheng Ly supports Wine to Water fundraising

Kheng Ly and YUL condominiums are pleased to support fundraising event for Wine to Water. Kheng Ly personally donates money and YUL Condominiums generously offer the place to host the event free. The event raised several thousand dollars to help provide clean water to Nepal people.

Wine To Water is non-profit aid organization with mission committed to serving in community to provide clean water to those in need, mainly in third world countries.

Kheng Ly with Presidents of CCAQC Vincent Kou, Kenneth Tran

Kheng Ly, long time VP of Chao Chow Association of Quebec Canada, welcomes Honorable Stéphane Dion and Vice-Consul General of China in Montreal Mr. Li Yi-Gang at the 14th Induction Ceremony of the association at Tong Por restaurant. With his new Board of Directors, the newly elected President of the Association, Mr. Ngo Khiang, takes over the responsibilites from the incumbent President Me. Vincent Kou during the ceremony.

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