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  • Kheng Ly's YUL night view

    YUL Condos - a luxury urban living in the heart of downtown Montreal

  • Kheng Ly gives speech

    Kheng Ly giving speech at YUL condos launching date.

  • Kheng Ly with Denis Coderre

    Kheng Ly shakes hand with mayor Denis Coderre

  • Kheng Ly with Chinese businessmen

    Kheng Ly meets with businessmen and heads of Bank of China in Canada

  • Kheng Ly visits China

    Kheng Ly participates in a launching ceremony of his partner Tianqing in China

  • Kheng Ly with his partner Han Qing

    Kheng Ly receives his Chinese partner Han Qing of Tianqing Group

  • Kheng Ly visits China projects

    Kheng Ly visits projects of his partner Tianqing Group in China

Kheng Ly supports the Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation

Kheng Ly and YUL condos are pleased to support the Kheng Ly supports Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation. Young people are invited to join the Club of Young Ambassadors of the Foundation. YUL showroom hosts graciously fertile networking cocktail while celebrating the Chinese New Year 2015.  

Kheng Ly

Real Estate is perhaps one of the most successful industries in these past few years, in spite of the huge possibilities of higher interests combined with decreasing prices. This industry managed to stay and even excel at some points. The man who greatly contributes to real estate success of Brivia Group is its President and CEO, Kheng Ly. Brivia Group is definitely one of the most victorious companies in the real estate business. Aside from Mr. Ly’s expertise with regard to this field, he also ensures that he has a solid, competent, and hard working team to help him transform all their ideas into an exceptional reality. This professional trait without a doubt lures more investors, which is highly necessary in this business. The Brivia group’s main objective is to develop and invest. They also make sure to partake in various projects, especially if it is for the good of a certain community.

Kheng Ly va restorer la maison Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine

Who would have thought that the historic house of Louis Hippolyte La Fontaine will be saved by a young immigrant entrepreneur Kheng Ly?

Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine house, built around 1845, is a building protected under the Law on Cultural Heritage in effect since October 19, 2012. The house has been abandoned for years and threatened to demolition. This house has a great historical value: it housed the Prime Minister of United Canada, Louis Hippolyte Lafontaine, after the union of Upper Canada and Lower Canada in 1841. Lafontaine lived in this house until his death.

Kheng Ly speech YUL condos ceremonyYUL condominiums LP, created by partners Brivia Group of Kheng Ly and Tianco Group, announces today the official groundbreaking of YUL project, the largest residential project to emerge in downtown Montreal. This starts an investment of $ 300 million in the construction of two 38-story condo towers and 18 townhouses at 1400 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, at the intersection of Mackay Street. "We have a vision for the city downtown. YUL represents our desire to stand out from other real estate projects and position YUL as prestigious address in Montreal. We believe that the YUL is a great architectural deployment project that will radiate Montreal on the international stage", said Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group.

YUL condos of Kheng Ly

The condominium market is not saturated even though the condo construction projects are increasing in Montreal for a few years. As proof, Montreal's Brivia Group of Kheng Ly is partnering with Tianco Group, a Canadian company made up of private Chinese investors, to announce YUL, a major residential project of 800 units in downtown Montreal.

kheng ly MCHF2014 big Mr. Kheng Ly, President and CEO of Brivia Group, is pleased to support again the 2014 Fundraising Gala of Montreal Chinese Hospital Foundation, along with the presence of Quebec's Minister of Health Dr Gaétan Barrette.

Montreal Chinese Hospital provides medical care, services and accommodation especially adapted to adults and seniors with Chinese or Southeast Asian backgrounds, who suffer from a permanent disability or have lost, totally or partially, their functional independence, in a friendly environment that respects the values, customs and socio-cultural traditions of its patients and residents.

Kheng Ly Groundbreaking of YUL condos

Kheng Ly is proud to announce official groundbreaking of YUL condominiums, project pushed by Brivia Group and Tianco Group, the largest residential project to emerge in downtown Montreal. This starts an investment of $ 300 million in the construction of two 38-story condo towers and 18 townhouses at 1400 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, at the intersection of Mackay Street.

Well-known businesman Kheng Ly has finally attracted the first Chinese investment in Montreal skyscrapers!

Briva group of Kheng Ly has found a partner in his luxury YUL condos project of $ 300M. Gansu's Tianqing Group, through its subsidiary Tianco Group in Vancouver, invests up to $ 150 million to own 50%. Although the plan for this major project were unveiled last year, it was during the trade mission with Premier of Quebec Philippe Couillard in late October in Beijing that the President of Brivia Group, Kheng Ly, signed the agreement with the president of Tianqing Group of Gansu province, Mr. Qing Han.

kheng Ly with Thomas Plekanec and Ryan Walter

kheng ly VIP evening YUL Ryan Walter Thomas PlekanecTo celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony of Montreal's best-designed luxurous YUL project in downtown Montreal, Kheng Ly and YUL Condos organize and invite guests to spend an exclusive VIP evening with Thomas Plekanec, NHLer and current Montreal Canadien's forward, and Ryan Walter, legendary Montreal Canadien and Stanley Cup champion.


kheng Ly Philippe Couillard Han Qing Jacques Daoust Brivia Group of Kheng Ly has signed an agreement with Tianco Group for the YUL project, located at the corner of René-Lévesque and Mackay. This new partnership will enable the Brivia Group to start work as early as this week.

YUL, the biggest luxurious residential project in downtown Montreal goes ahead as planned with Chinese capital and Kheng Ly. This property includes two mega towers of 38 floors luxurious condos and 17 townhouses, for a total of more than 800 new units. The first toweer will be completed in spring 2017. The third phase of the project was sold to Canvar group, which is building a tower of 40 floors. The agreement between Kheng Ly of Brivia Group and Mr. Han of Tianqing Group was signed in Beijing late October, as part of the trade mission of the Prime Minister Philippe Couillard. All sales efforts were redirected to the Montreal buyers but YUL also adopted unprecedented sales tactics to Montreal with a sales team in China and an international marketing plan. Kheng Ly claims to have a "good mix" of Chinese buyers, Quebec, Dubai and other Asian countries. In no time, 40% of the first tower of YUL condos were sold.

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